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I have an accomplished background in education particularly in leadership,

learning/behavioural difficulties, physical/outdoor education, art and

nature integration. My passion for teaching emerged long before I

graduated in 1999. I coached and umpired junior sports throughout

my high schooling and the whole of my bachelor of education, I was

a passionate swimming and fitness instructor, holidays sports coach 

and always looking to occupy my busy mind outside of uni with adventures

of water skiing and holidays.

Commencing my teaching career in 2000 in the primary schools public sector

country SA, excelled with my desire to inspire children to love learning.  This

tenacity rapidly moved me into leadership positions, including a secondment as

Project Officer in the Learning Difficulties Support Team, head office South Australia for  two years. This involved intrastate and interstate training and support for schools and students with learning difficulties. During this time, I co-authored and published a departmental resource on assessment and reporting which was rolled out into all Early childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sth Australian government sites as well as authoring a draft mental health resource before change in government saw our funding sadly ceased.


I love teaching, imparting knowledge, inspiring growth...I was born to teach!  Returning from child-rearing leave to the education department late 2019 working across two local hills 'bush' schools (fortunate to also teach our two youngest sons), promoting nature play/outdoor learning immersion throughout the  R-7 curriculum, I was also fortunate to be one of the first few teachers mentored by local Kaurna elder Uncle Tamaru to introduce Kaurna, connecting bush tucker cooking to Native Country complimenting the business I founded in 2021, Gratefully Natured.


Teaching through a once-a-lifetime pandemic (C-19), my eyes were opened to online education, homeschooling and more than ever the need for teaching outside the box.  Fortunate to spend 13years as a stay-at-home-mum, we were exposed early to the pressures of struggling learners in a system that had lost its creativity and passion.  I had returned with a burning desire to once again make a difference and impart my knowledge of lifeschooling meeting curriculum outcomes, however watching my own children stifled more than ever in a system so over-regulated with outcome first: child second that at the beginning of 2022 we decided as a family to once again drastically alter our path.  With my resignation from the department, homeschooling applications submitted and a clear vision of lifeschooling whilst simultaneously inspiring other, we achieved far more than desired first half of 2022.


I am a realist. I am humble.  When reflecting, some of my greatest achievements for me were purchasing my first 'flip' house at 22years old and leaving my executive career at 27years old for the life as an ENTREPRENEURIAL stay at home mum and wife. The entrepreneurial journey saw us start new business, a bakehouse 2006, shop fit in 2 locations, flip multiple properties in 3 years (2015-18), 2nd business 'Coffee Roasting' launched 2016, selling bakehouse early 2017 to an incredible family trek 'on the road' half lap of Australia 2017. The feeling of freedom and our love of nature, inspired us to return and purchase our dream urban farm in the stunning Adelaide Hills.


But...calm urban farm life was not in the plan! I run multiple businesses from 'Totoka' whilst we now homeschool our teenage sons, as education and business are two of my major flairs, it's what I LOVE and what I am amazing at!

Majority of this however, has not occurred solo. My partner in crime, hubby David, has been part of my whirlwind life since 2003. Often labelled by our friends as a powerhouse couple, David and I emphasise daily focus on our relationship is essential for harmonious business and family life fusion. We refuse to allow mistakes, failures or differences fracture our amazing partnership and love. Yin and Yang: perfect blend of feminine and masculine!


Together with our three spirited and entrepreneurial sons, we manage our multiple businesses from our funky Urban Farm 'Totoka', that has a million dollar view. BUT, luck had sweet nothing to do with it as reality is, 'LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity'. I truly believe we live in the lifetime of the opportunities NEVER the opportunity of a lifetime! We grab opportunities that excite us with both hands and with all efforts MAKE it succeed and if, just if, we happen to not be as successful as intended, we walk away with heads held high for trying! Our mantra 'LIVE LIFE FEARLESSLY' together with my passion to shine your "Flairs of Zezzwah" (Adrianne Skye) is clear as day proving 'we are our only limits'!


I am a realist in my mentoring and openly discusses there is NO perfect time to begin the life as an entrepreneur and laugh about the many 'speed bumps' in my journey as it was the making of who I am today! The many times I was doubted by those around for my 'dreamy' ideas, I have lost count, however over time, everyone saw my tenacity and desire for success.  My abundance mindset and empathetic heart always prevails.


I believe intrinsic happiness is something truly special when we find 'peace' of our true self.  Only then when we listen to our soul's desires that everything IS attainable!

With ALL my experiences, I will NEVER doubt anyone's desires...in fact I will stand by your side and walk (cracking bad jokes to make you laugh) the whole journey to your dream destination, as my passion for sharing success is greater than the individual outcome itself! 

Business Ventures in a Nutshell:

*2022 - Current - Australian Business CollectiV https://linktr.ee/australian_business_collectiv

*2021 - Current - Gratefully Natured www.gratefullynatured.com

*2020 - Current - Adrianne Skye www.adrianneskye.com

*2021 - CO-AUTHOR 'RADIANTE' www.radiante.com

*2020 - Current - DIEZ-IGN (mentor teen son Diezel with his business) www.diez-ign.weebly.com 

*2019 - Current - Totoka Urban Farm www.totokaurbanfarm.com

*2016 - Current - Extract Black Coffee Roasting Co. www.extractblack.com.au 

*Previous - 2002-2019 - Flipped, renovated and subdivided multiple properties 

*Previous - 2006-2017 Bakers Edge Bakehouse and Coffee Roastery 'SOLD BROCHURE HERE'

Educational Qualifications with Extensive Experience:

*Masters in Education Cognitive Psychology

*Post Grad Cert in Mental Health

*Post Grad Cert in Learning Difficulties

*Bachelor in Education (Primary/Junior Primary/PE/Outdoor Ed)

*Swimming and Fitness Instructor


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Media Bio

Adrianne, down-to-earth Aussie girl leaving no stone unturned with her mantra

‘LIVE LIFE FEARLESSLY’.  Her extensive repertoire of abundant Business/Educational

experiences, empowers Adrianne to mentor at esteemed levels with her

magnetic spirit.


Mentoring others STRATEGY with SOUL through our unique 'Flairs of Zezzwah',

creates dream businesses into reality and takes lifeschooling to another whole

exhilarating and sustainable dimension!

Accomplished background Educational leadership, learning/behavioural difficulties, physical/outdoor education. Masters degree: Education Cognitive Psychology, Graduate Certificates: Learning Difficulties and Mental Health is only scratching the surface.  Passionate about nature, incredibly evident in her sons, with their inquisitive, connected spirits.

Reflecting greatest achievements, she’s humble; purchasing first 'flip' house 22years old and leaving executive leadership career 27years old, for life as an ENTREPRENEURIAL stay-at-home mumma bear.


'Ninja mum' of 3 sons, the entrepreneurial journey; new business bakehouse 2006, shop fit 2 locations, flip multiple properties 2015-18, 2nd business 'Coffee Roasting' launched 2016, selling bakehouse 2017 and incredible family 'on the road' half lap Australia 2017. Freedom, love of nature inspired purchase of dream urban farm in stunning Adelaide Hills, igniting 3rd-7th businesses whilst lifeschooling at home their 3 teenage sons!


Believing you shine like wild diamonds focussing on unique 'Flairs of Zezzwah' not weaknesses, creates intrinsic happiness.  Truly special finding gratitude within and often that 'bliss' point of happiness emerges when listening to soul's desires with abundance mindset.

[Original size] Adrianne Skye.png
[Original size] Adrianne Skye_edited.png
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